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n up by his roosters' crowing, but he was not so comfortable with the so▓und 13 years ago when his family abandoned graz▓ing and started to raise chickens."I grew up hearing sheep a▓nd cows, and it felt strange to hear c▓hickens in the beginning," said the resident of Sainhoda Township, deep in the Hunshandake Sandland, in the north of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.In early sum▓mer, Hunshandake turns green, but 20 years ago, 80 percent of the area was sand dunes.Hunshandake me▓ans "yellow wild horse" in Mongolian. The sandland was believed to be a major source of the ▓sever

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e sandstorms that would often shroud northern China.In 2002, China started a sand control project in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area. A series of environmental restoration efforts were undertaken▓ in Hunshandake, with one of them being encouraging herders to raise chickens.Scientists at the ▓Hunshandake environmental research station under the Chinese Academy of Sciences brought some ch▓ickens to the sandland, persuading the herders to g▓ive up grazing.However, most of the herders ▓refused to change their traditional way of living.Huhtuyaa's family took t▓he daring step.With low

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interest loans given by the government, Huhtuyaa's parents bought around▓ 400 chicks in 2005. Afraid that there might be no m▓arket for their chickens, they traveled to▓ Hebei Province and Beijing from time to time, looking for potential clients.Huhtuyaa joined his parents in raising chickens after graduating fr▓om high school in 2007.Over the year▓s, the family's land grew ever greener. The grass seeds and worms became delicacies for chickens. Their manure worked as the fertilizer ▓of the grass. A virtuous cycle was formed.Every morning, Huhtuyaa takes a leisurely walk on the

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